Are you looking for an alternative to Turo’s car sharing app? You’ve come to the right place.

Here I review the top 8 best Turo alternatives for 2023 and provide answers to commonly asked questions about car-sharing apps.

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I’ll cover insurance coverage, rates, limits, requirements and how to sign up so you can rent out your own car and make some passive income.

So if you’re interested in learning more about these great alternatives, read on!

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With a plethora of options available, it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect car-sharing app; but don’t worry, this guide has got you covered!

Car-sharing apps like Turo offer a convenient way to rent out your car or rent someone else’s. There are many alternatives to Turo that offer flexible rental periods and competitive prices. Some of the best Turo alternatives include Gig Carshare, Avail, Getaround, HyreCar, Lyft Rentals, Uber Rentals, Zipcar, and Hui Car Rental.

Getaround stands out for its awesome Getaround Connect Technology which allows for contactless key exchange while HyreCar specializes in renting cars for long periods of time with a large pool of vehicles.

Lyft Rentals partnered up with Sixt Rental Cars to streamline the service and is a great option for renters. Zipcar is another short-term car rental service available in major US cities and college campuses and Hui Car Rental is Hawaiian car-sharing service that offers one-way car rentals.

Each platform takes its portion for providing the platform as well as daily limits on mileage and fees for any additional overages. Key exchange can also be an issue when meeting up at the location so make sure you read all the details before committing to anything.

Those under 25 years of age will have different requirements for being able to rent a rental car so double check those rules before signing up. And lastly, don’t forget that insurance coverage must be adequate both when renting out your vehicle or renting someone else’s – owners take home anywhere from 60 to 90% depending on insurance options or issues that arise so make sure yours covers all bases!

Is Car Sharing Cheaper and Better Than Renting

You may be wondering if car sharing is a cheaper and better option than renting, and the answer is often yes! Car-sharing platforms tend to offer more affordable prices, quicker key exchanges, and many other features that make them a great choice for those looking to rent a car.

Here are three reasons why car sharing can be beneficial:

  1. Cheaper Prices – Traditional car rental companies typically charge higher prices compared to car-sharing platforms. The cost savings for using a platform like Turo or Getaround can be significant.
  2. More Convenient Key Exchange – Many car-sharing services offer contactless key exchange, making it easy to pick up your rental without having to meet in person with the owner or dealer.
  3. Insurance Coverage – Most of these services have insurance coverage included with their rentals so you can have peace of mind while on the road.

Car sharing has become an increasingly popular way for people to rent cars without having to worry about long-term commitments or paying high fees associated with traditional rental companies. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term options, there’s something out there for everyone, from Lyft Rentals and Zipcar to Hui Car Rental and HyreCar!


Renting out your car or renting one for yourself has never been easier with Turo, the P2P car-sharing app that’s fast, secure, and convenient.

With Turo, you can find a huge selection of cars in the US, Canada, and the UK at competitive prices. You’ll also have access to customer support and 24/7 roadside assistance if needed.

To rent out your vehicle on Turo all you need to do is sign up online and provide details about your car such as make and model, photos of the exterior and interior condition of the car, license plate number, etc.

When it comes to insurance coverage for renting out your vehicle on Turo it varies depending on where you’re located but typically owners take home anywhere from 60 to 90%. It’s important to note that there are daily limits on mileage so any additional overage will be charged accordingly.

As far as key exchange goes when meeting up with renters this isn’t an issue since many vehicles come equipped with remote unlock technology through a smartphone app.

Those under 25 years of age may require additional steps before they can rent vehicles using Turo such as providing a background check or motor vehicle division check.

Overall though using Turo is an easy way to rent or list your vehicle without any hassle while getting great service at competitive rates.


Now, let’s take a look at HyreCar. This platform offers rental cars for long periods of time and has a large pool of vehicles available. So if you’re looking to rent out your car for an extended period, HyreCar might be the right choice for you!

Here are some key things to know about HyreCar:

  • Includes insurance to cover unexpected accidents
  • Has a minimum rental time of two days
  • Takes a portion of each rental fee from the host

HyreCar also offers additional services such as roadside assistance and routine maintenance. You can also select additional coverage like personal accident insurance or property damage protection for added peace of mind.

Overall, it’s an excellent option for those looking to rent out their car for long periods of time.

Gig Carshare

Gig Car Share makes it easy to get out and explore with eco-friendly, free-floating cars that come with fuel, insurance, and parking included.

From shopping sprees to home projects, GIG cars provide reliable transportation options for those who only pay for what they use. Plus, members can access 24/7 support and request a Gig Card if they need to lock/unlock cars in areas with spotty cell service.

Gig Car Share is the nation’s largest free-floating car-share based on fleet size and membership is free with no sign-up fees. The service is powered by AAA so you know you’re getting quality coverage and peace of mind.

Promo codes are available for new members so they can receive credits towards their first ride. And since GIG cars are either hybrid or electric, you’ll be doing your part for the environment too!

With the HomeZone outlined in blue on the app, you can roam far and wide knowing trips can end almost anywhere within it.

Plus, there’s even happy hauling available if you need to transport luggage or equipment from one place to another. So whether you want an affordable option or just want some fun eco-friendly transportation options at your fingertips—Gig Car Share has got you covered!


Avail Car Sharing offers an easy, eco-friendly way to rent a car with free-floating cars that come with fuel, insurance, and parking included; plus, they provide up to 150 miles of travel per day at no extra charge.

All drivers must be 21 or older and have a valid driver’s license and credit card for booking reservations. You can also add a second driver to your reservation for free by having them create an Avail account and upload their driver’s license.

In addition, Avail Car Sharing provides Allstate insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance for every trip, so you can feel secure when renting out your car.

Avail Car Sharing simplifies the car exchange process with cleaning, inspection, and insurance taken care of by their team. Borrowers can be charged fees or fines if they break any rules outlined in the Borrower Rules & Guidelines such as smoking or bringing pets (service animals are accepted).

Cars must also meet certain criteria to be shared on the platform such as being less than 10 years old or having fewer than 125,000 miles in order to maintain safety standards.

With convenient pick-up and drop-off locations in Chicago and Denver plus affordable daily rates without any extra charges for second drivers or those under 25 years old – it’s no wonder why Avail Car Sharing has been getting positive reviews from customers who appreciate their pricing, ease of access, and service.

Sign up today for emails from them to get $30 off your first booking!

Lyft Rentals

If you’re looking for an easy way to rent a car and don’t want to worry about insurance, Lyft Rentals is the perfect solution for you!

This car-sharing platform has partnered up with Sixt Rental Cars to streamline the service, making it a great Turo alternative. With this partnership, you get access to high-quality cars and customer service all in one place.

The rental process is quick and easy; just select your car type and pick up location, add any extras like GPS or booster seats if needed, enter your payment information and confirm your reservation. You’ll also get real-time updates during the entire rental process so that you can track where your car is at all times.

When it comes to pricing, Lyft Rentals offers competitive rates compared to other platforms. Plus with its no fee cancellation policy, you can rest assured knowing that if plans change or something unexpected occurs, you won’t be charged any extra fees.

It’s important to note that each rental also comes with basic protection coverage included as well as additional optional protection plans for added peace of mind. The only downside is that Lyft Rentals does have age restrictions; renters must be 18 years of age or older in order for their reservation request to be approved.

So if you’re looking for a reliable option without having to pay too much out of pocket then give Lyft Rentals a try!

With its convenient key exchange system, affordable rates, and reliable customer service team – renting out a vehicle through this platform will certainly make life easier when it comes time to hit the road!


If you’re looking for an uncomplicated, short-term car rental option in a major US city or college campus, Zipcar is a great choice! Zipcar is one of the top Turo alternatives and offers hassle-free access to cars with no long-term commitment. |

You don’t need to worry about key exchange either since the app takes care of it for you. All you have to do is sign up for an account and reserve a car online or through the app. Once your reservation is approved, you’ll receive a code that allows you to unlock the car. |

Zipcar also provides insurance coverage so that if something goes wrong, you won’t be stuck with any expensive bills. Plus, they offer discounts and rewards program to their members so there are plenty of ways to save money when renting from Zipcar. Whether you need a quick rental or a long-term lease, Zipcar has got you covered!

Uber Rentals

Take the hassle out of renting a car and let Uber Rentals do the work for you! With convenient access to cars and insurance coverage, you can relax knowing your rental is taken care of.

Uber Rentals offers a range of benefits that make it an attractive Turo alternative:

  • Convenience: Choose from a wide selection of vehicles with plenty of options for pickup and dropoff locations. Plus, enjoy no-hassle key exchange and easy payment through the app.
  • Insurance Coverage: All rentals come with insurance included, so you don’t have to worry about additional costs or unexpected expenses.
  • Affordable Pricing: Enjoy competitive rates on all rentals, plus discounts when you book in advance.

Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term rental solutions, Uber Rentals has something to fit your needs. With easy access to cars and comprehensive insurance coverage, they make renting hassle-free so all you need to do is show up and start driving!

Hui Car Rental

Hui Car Rental is a great option if you’re looking for a car-sharing service in Hawaii. They offer one-way rentals and no daily mileage limits! Plus, they boast an impressive customer satisfaction rating of over 90%.

Hui Car Rental offers competitive prices and their rental cars come with all the necessary insurance coverage. They also have convenient pickup locations across Honolulu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii Island.

Unlike other car-sharing services that require background checks or motor vehicle division checks to rent out your car, Hui Car Rental only requires customers to provide their driver’s license and proof of insurance when renting a car.

When it comes to key exchange, Hui Car Rental has you covered! Their innovative contactless key exchange system ensures that there are no issues when picking up or dropping off the rental car.

What’s more, their 24/7 customer service team is always on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have about using the service.

Using Hui Car Rental is easy and safe. All you need to do is book your rental online or through their mobile app and then show up at the designated dropoff location with your valid driver’s license and proof of insurance – it really couldn’t be simpler!

So why not give them a try next time you’re in Hawaii – you won’t be disappointed!


Getaround’s awesome Connect Technology makes key exchange a breeze, so you can quickly pick up or drop off your rental car in no time! With Getaround, you get the convenience of a contactless key exchange, access to over 2 million vehicles across the country, and flexible rental periods.

Here are some other features that make Getaround stand out:

  • Getaround Connect Technology allows for contactless key exchange, so there’s no need to meet up with the owner or renter.
  • A large selection of vehicles ranging from economy cars to luxury SUVs.
  • Insurance is included with all rentals and covers any unexpected accidents while on the road.
  • Hosts are able to take home anywhere from 60 to 90% depending on insurance options or issues that arise.

Getaround also charges a 40% commission rate and requires hosts to pay for installing and maintaining their Connect subscription, which is only $20 per month.

With these great features, it’s easy to see why this peer-to-peer car sharing platform is one of Turo’s top alternatives!

Rates, Limits and Requirements

You’ll want to make sure you understand the rates, mileage limits, and requirements before renting out your car with a car-sharing platform like Hui Car Rental – after all, knowledge is power!

When it comes to Hui Car Rental, here are some important points that you should be aware of:

  • Rates may vary depending on the type of vehicle and rental period.
  • Mileage limits may apply – usually no more than 100 miles per day.
  • You will need to provide your driver’s license and proof of insurance when renting out your car.
  • Those under 25 years of age must meet additional requirements for being able to rent a rental car through Hui Car Rental.

It’s essential that you research the policies and procedures for each car-sharing company before signing up or making any decisions about renting out your vehicle. Make sure you fully understand the terms, conditions, fees, and other details associated with renting out your car so that you can make an informed decision about what works best for you.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is a crucial part of the car-sharing process, so it’s important to ensure that both renters and owners have adequate protection. When you rent out your car on a car-sharing platform like Turo, you must provide proof of insurance and make sure that your renter has insurance as well.

Each platform will have different requirements for insurance coverage, so it’s important to check the terms and conditions before signing up. Getaround offers its own insurance policy, which covers each rental period with no deductible. HyreCar includes an insurance package in their fee structure to cover any unexpected accidents during rentals.

Lyft Rentals and Uber Rentals require renters to purchase third-party insurance when they pick up their vehicle, while Zipcar and Hui Car Rental include collision damage waiver (CDW) as part of their rental fees. It’s also important to note that some platforms may charge extra if there are any issues or damages during the rental period.

For instance, Getaround charges $500 for any damages caused by a renter over what is covered by their policy while HyreCar requires renters to pay for any damage above $1,000. Knowing these details can help you make the best decision when choosing an alternative to Turo for renting or renting out cars.

How Do You Rent Out Your Car – Sign Up Process

Renting out your car on a car-sharing platform can be an easy way to make some extra money – with owners taking home up to 90% of their rental fees!

Before you can rent out your vehicle, however, there are a few steps that need to be taken.

The first step is to sign up with the car-sharing company of your choice and list your car on the platform. You’ll need to provide information such as your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and details about your vehicle. Depending on the platform, you may also need to go through a background check or motor vehicle division check.

Once all of this is complete, you’re ready to start renting out your car! With Turo and its alternatives it’s fast and easy: no more waiting in lines at traditional car rental companies!

Plus, most platforms have daily limits on mileage and will charge for any additional overages – so make sure you read the fine print before signing up. And don’t forget about insurance coverage; renters should get adequate coverage for their vehicles while owners should ensure their cars come with insurance if they’re renting them out.

So why wait? Sign up today and start earning passive income from renting out your car!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees associated with using a car-sharing platform?

When using a car-sharing platform, you’ll need to be aware of the fees associated with it. Generally, each platform takes its portion for providing the service, and some may have daily mileage limits with additional fees for any extra miles.

Additionally, key exchange can be a concern when meeting up and getting to the location. Depending on the platform you choose, there may also be age requirements or background checks that need to be completed before renting out your car.

Lastly, make sure you have adequate insurance coverage in case anything goes wrong during the rental process.

Are there any age restrictions to use a car-sharing platform?

Yes, many car-sharing platforms have age restrictions for drivers and renters. Depending on the platform, you must be at least 21 years old to rent a car and 25 years old to rent out your own vehicle.

Drivers under the age of 25 may need to pay an additional fee or provide proof of insurance in order to use the service. It’s important to check each platform’s specific requirements before signing up so that you can make sure you meet all their criteria.

Is it possible to rent a car from a car-sharing platform without a credit card?

Yes, it’s possible to rent a car from a car-sharing platform without a credit card.

Many platforms offer cash payment options as well as other forms of payment such as debit cards, prepaid cards, or PayPal. However, you may need to provide your driver’s license and proof of insurance when renting out your vehicle.

Some car-sharing companies may require a background check or motor vehicle division check before they allow you to rent out your car.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up with any platform.

Are there any additional charges for extending the rental period?

Yes, there may be additional charges for extending the rental period on car-sharing platforms.

It’s important to check with the specific platform you’re using to see what their policies are when it comes to extending rentals.

Some platforms may have daily limits on mileage and charge extra for any additional miles driven, while others might require a flat fee or even an hourly rate for longer rentals.

Be sure to read up on the platform’s terms and conditions before making your decision so that you understand all of the associated costs.

Are there any additional charges for going over the stated mileage limit?

Yes, there are often additional charges for going over the stated mileage limit.

Most car-sharing companies will charge you a per-mile fee if you exceed the daily or weekly mileage allowance.

It’s important to check the fine print in your rental agreement so you know exactly how much extra it will cost if you drive farther than expected. Otherwise, you could end up paying a hefty fee for exceeding those limits.

So, be sure to pay attention to the limits when planning your road trips, and always give yourself plenty of extra cushion just in case.


In conclusion, car-sharing apps have revolutionized the way people rent and share cars. They offer convenience, affordability, and flexibility that traditional rental companies can’t match. By choosing one of these six Turo alternatives, you’ll be able to unlock the potential of your car and make some extra cash while doing it.

It’s like having a personal assistant driving your car around while you take a break! So why not give it a try? You may just find yourself with more free time and an extra bit of income in no time at all.

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